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Contax Info
Contax User Site for every Contax-System: N-digital, N1, C/Y-SLR, G, 645, T3 & TVS III. Contax user forum with camera reviews incl. mailing list, image upload and discussions, Contax trips, download Contax manuals, Contax brochures, Zeiss-MTF data, Zeiss articles etc.

CV Scotland
The on-line photographic library contains quality images of Scotland which can be purchased directly from the site. Images are supplied scanned to CD-rom, corrected, and ready for instant use in any publication. The site finished in the top 3 dot com companies in the Scottish Enterprise Winners on the Web 2001 competition. All the photographs on the site with reference AFB were taken with Contax/Zeiss equipment. Any photographers who think their Scottish photographs would be suitable for the site can e-mail us using the "contact us" button and we will send out a copy of our terms and conditions.

Contax Postal Club
The Contax Postal Club is a privately run members club for anyone owning or having an interest in CONTAX, YASHICA or ZEISS cameras and equipment. It started in 1989 and has been growing since then. The Contax Postal Club (CPC) is an informal Postal Portfolio Club for people who enjoy photography, catering for print or slide photographers, from beginners to experts, on any subject matters. There are presently 2 print folio circles and 2 slide folio circles, as well as a newsletter which is proving very popular amongst Club folio members and non-members alike. CPC enjoys a good relationship with and is frequently supported by Kyocera Yashica (UK). The Club expresses its great appreciation for the help and support given by Kyocera Yashica (UK) over the last 14 years.
Slide Circles: Bob Letsche - [email protected]
Print Circles: Ken Williams - [email protected]

Norfolk Images
Stunning photographs by David Moore, using Contax cameras and Zeiss Lenses.

The work of Ole Bo Jensen, born in 1963, and resident in Denmark. It all started with the purchase of an old russian camera for a holiday. After that I got an Olympus and at last I chose a Contax SLR with several lenses. Ole started in a photoclub in Copenhagen (KFAK) in 1987 and was a member there until 1997. In the period he participated there he won many of the club competitions and also joined as a member of the administrators. Read more .....




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