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35mm SLR - NX - Overview

35mm SLR

The CONTAX NX, a 35 mm Autofocus SLR camera with built-in flash, as well as three newly designed Carl Zeiss T* lenses for the Contax N series and accessories.

The CONTAX NX is distinguished by ease of handling, light weight and a compact size. Like the CONTAX N1 launched last year, the NX is equipped with a 5 point Wide Array Diagonal Autofocus and a Dual Focus System. Not only can most necessary operations be executed without taking one's eye from the viewfinder, but the CONTAX NX is also the first CONTAX SLR to have a built-in flash for meeting various shooting opportunities.

Besides the CONTAX N1, with its highly sophisticated features, there is now not only the CONTAX NX with slightly more basic features and easy handling, but the N system is also being expanded by new interchangeable lenses.

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