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35mm SLR - Aria - Overview

35mm SLR

The new CONTAX ARIA is the smallest , lightest CONTAX SLR ever at 16.2 ounces. It is the perfect camera for wilderness exploration or family outings. This fully- featured, durable, SLR provides advanced photographic capabilities designed for the discriminating yet active photographer.

A Single Lens Reflex camera, and the Carl Zeiss T* Vario-Sonnar 28-70 f3.5-4.5 Zoom lens. These two products combine to offer a very small and lightweight camera system that retains the high quality and precision for which both companies are famous. This quality is maintained by integrating metal components within the light path with engineered plastics in other camera body areas.

The Contax Aria is a three frames per second, integrated motor drive, SLR that weighs in at only 16.2 ounces. Even though the Aria is small and very lightweight, all of the features and quality that combine to produce a Contax are included. The Aria is a camera that is equally at home on wilderness expeditions or at family gatherings. This fully-featured, durable SLR provides advanced photographic capabilities designed for the discriminating, active photographer.

Beginning photographers will enjoy the ease of use of the Aria. Exposure control has never been easier. Evaluative Metering, has been added to the Aria, joining the traditional center-weighted average and spot metering systems. The Evaluative Metering system divides the scene into five independent segments that are metered and weighted individually by the on-board computer to bias the overall exposure. This system virtually eliminates the need for exposure compensation.

Enhanced flash control is available on the Aria when coupled with the TLA360 Flash. Extra control means the TLA360 can control fill flash ratios directly. Other standard Contax features such as Custom Functions, Automatic Bracketing Control (A.B.C.), AE Lock, Depth of Field Preview and Long Eye-point are all standard on the Aria.

An optional D-9 Data Back provides multi-function capabilities along with the unique Contax head-end printing function. This data back can print exposure information at the head-end or in between the frames, or dating information between the frames.

The new Carl Zeiss T* Vario-Sonnar 28-70 f3.5-4.5 Zoom lens weighs in at only 325 grams (11.4 ounces). This low weight is achieved by using lightweight outer coverings while maintaining all-metal structural components. It is an MM mount design composed of 9 lens elements in 8 groups. Angle of view extends from 35 degrees 12 minutes to 77 degrees 12 minutes. The new Vario-Sonnar incorporates a Macro mode that provides magnifications up to 1:3 or 1/3 life size. The new Carl Zeiss T* Vario-Sonnar 28-70, with its T* coating, will provide outstanding color, resolution, contrast and distortion control.


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