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35mm SLR - Aria - Features

35mm SLR

Exposure Compensation Dial Choose from 1/3 stop increments up to 2 full stops.


35mm SLR

X Synch Terminal Attach an optional electronic flash to this x terminal.
Accessory Shoe Attach any dedicated Contax flash to this shoe.
Drive Mode Drive Mode


35mm SLR

Viewfinder A light touch of the shutter release button turns on the internal viewfinder display of relevant information anytime. A "P" mark indicates when the program mode is being used. The shutter speed and aperture settings are shown in all modes, together with indication of whether evaluative center-weighted or spot metering is being used. Even the number of exposed frames and flash-ready status are displayed. "+" or "-" marks also appearto indicate whether positive or negative exposure compensation is being used. All displays are clearly visible even at night.


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