Contax Cameras UK Limited

G Series Lenses

A Visible Difference

For generations, Carl Zeiss T* lenses have been famous for true to life images and outstanding colour reproduction. And Carl Zeiss T* lenses are designed from the very beginning as parts of a total system. Each has its particular niche, and consequently plays its role to perfection.

Uniform External Design

Another feature is the uniformity of external design. Every Carl Zeiss T* lens operates in the same way so there is no confusion on the part of the photographer, no matter which lens is used.

Optical Design

The secret of the true to life reproduction is in the optical design. And performance is optimum even at full aperture, or under poor lighting conditions. In fact, these are conditions where the visible difference really becomes apparent.

Famous T* Coating

The special Carl Zeiss T* multi-layer reflection coating produces ultra-flat transmission of light of all wavelengths. Coupled with the total elimination of internal reflection, the result is colour reproduction of high purity.


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