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G Series - G2 Rangefinder - Overview

G Series
Also available in Black

The Revolution Continues
Contax continues the direction set in 1994 by adding another revolutionary camera to its professional AF rangefinder line. The G2 becomes the flagship camera in a professional line that continues to grow. The G2 raises the standard for rangefinder cameras with a four frame per second integrated motor drive, top shutter speeds of up to 1/6000 second, X sync at 1/200 second and adds an extended baseline autofocus system.

The Carl Zeiss T* lens line is now enhanced with the addition of the Carl Zeiss T* Biogon 21mm f2.8 and the Planar 35mm f2.0. These lenses are wide angle formulas achieving the lowest distortion and highest optical quality. The new GD-2 Multi-Function Data Back has a special feature that allows printing all technical details used throughout the roll on the first or first and second frames of the roll. Optionally, this same data may be printed between frames or turned off. Contax has also added the Contax TLA200 electronic TTL flash to the G series line. The TLA200 adds flash power and a zoom head for more versatile electronic flash photography.



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