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Tvs Digital - Overview

The World's First T Series 5 Megapixel Digital Camera

Camera ImageIncorporating a 5 megapixel CCD, the Contax TVS Digital combines the superior optical quality from a newly-designed Carl Zeiss T* Vario Sonnar lens with the cutting-edge technology that Contax is famous for. Developed from the line of already legendary Contax series cameras, the Contax TVS arrives as the first "Boutique" digital camera offering enduring beauty and outstanding performance. Combine the silky smooth titanium covers, an exquisite sapphire release button with the Carl Zeiss T* lens, and you can expect the ultimate in digital photography. Your images will be tack sharp with saturated color not available from any other image capture device. The Carl Zeiss T* lens provides the ability to capture every nuance of light, color and gradation available from nature. The on-board 5 megapixel CCD transforms the light into stunning photographs unlike any other.

State-Of-The-Art Lens Design
The Carl Zeiss T* Vario-Sonnar 7.3~21.9mm zoom (offering the equivalent view of a 35~105mm lens in 35mm format) offers 3X optical and 4X digital zoom. The latest technology in lens design is standard on the Vario-Sonnar. Three aspheric surfaces are incorporated in this six-element design. The T* anti-reflection coating is applied to each lens element, dramatically reducing flare and increasing contrast and sharpness in your photographs.

Multimedia and SD Cards
The TVS Digital exploits the advantages of both Multimedia cards (MMC) and Secure Digital (SD) memory cards. This media is especially suited to the compact design of the TVS Digital and is easily shared with other electronic devices such as Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) and cellular telephones for storage and transmission of images and data.

USB/Video Connection
Transfer of your images to a computer is easy with the built-in USB port and supplied USB cable. Video output is also possible using the video out plug and supplied video cable to connect the TVS Digital to a monitor or VCR. A DC in port and AC power supply is included to power the TVS for extended shooting or viewing.

Immediate Access
The top of the TVS Digital provides instant access via the command dial for the AVI movie mode, two exposure control modes (Aperture priority or Program control), image review and main setup menu. The top LCD Information Center provides feedback about the flash mode selection, remaining pictures on the installed memory card, manual focus feedback, macro mode and battery condition.

Many of the unique features found on Contax T series cameras have been carried over on the TVS Digital. Starting with a titanium body, stronger than steel and lighter than aluminum, it ensures durability along with elegance. A diopter control is built-in to adjust the viewfinder for your needs. Sapphire glass viewfinder covers provide scratch-resistant protection to help keep the TVS Digital looking like new, even after years of use.

Carl Zeiss T* - The World's Finest Optics
Carl Zeiss T* anti-reflection coatings ensure the virtual elimination of unwanted reflections inside the lens. This means that only image-forming light reaches the image plane of the camera. Your photographs will have greater impact due to higher contrast, deeper color saturation, more shadow detail and cleaner, crisper colors.
Each of the seven layers of the T* anti-reflection coating is optimized for a portion of the total bandwidth of white light and together the seven layers cover the entire visible spectrum. The thickness of each coating layer is 1/4 wavelength of the frequency of light that the layer is dedicated to. Light is phase shifted 1/4 wavelength as it passes through the coating the first time. If the photon is reflected, it passes through the anti-reflection coating again and as it passes, it is phase shifted again 1/4 wavelength. Now, the reflected photon is 180 degrees out of phase and it is annihilated.
Carl Zeiss invented anti-reflection coatings and their continued dedication to the elimination of internal reflections is complete. T* optical coating represents the most advanced optical technology available. It is so good you can see the difference. And T* coatings are only available on Carl Zeiss lenses.

New DayFine LCD
Outdoor LCD viewing has often been a problem in the past. That is until Kyocera pioneered a new technology which has been incorporated into the new TVS Digital. The new DayFine 1.6" TFT color LCD makes it easier than ever to view images or subjects while outdoors in very bright conditions. Utlizing "Dual Backlight" design, a new special optical film increases the transmission of light from the LCD. In addition, the ambient light is used to increase the intensity of the image displayed on the LCD. This increases the brilliance and contrast of the LCD, even under the brightest outdoor conditions.

Dual Set-up Command Modes
The well-designed layout provides quick access to the menu items you want to control. Two set-up modes for customization allow the user greater control over camera functions. Set-up "C" changes camera functions (Flash mode setting, change of exposure compensation range, etc.) while Set-up "D" changes digital functions (electronic tone, electronic zooming, startup screen setting, etc.). Another feature of the TVS Digital is a customized startup screen, which is similar to a desktop PC. The user can choose an image taken with the camera to be displayed on the screen each time the camera is turned on. An AVI movie mode is also featured on the new Contax TVS Digital and can hold up to 30 seconds of high quality digital video.

For the user who wants to be a part of the picture, the included RC-1 Remote Controller makes it easy.


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